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Dynamically developing TEAM for progress in information technology, programming and application of robotics in domestic conditions.

Let's make life easier

A young and dynamically developing TEAM

Look into the future

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Let's see who we are


Artificial intelligence for our machines and equipment.
Assistant, protector and companion 24/7

Transparent trading

We are constantly improving. Our plans are clear 

You create the future

Our cryptocurrencies are a by-product.

Let's think of them as shares of our group

People, technology, stability

The Metaverse is coming and we will be ready.
Why our NFTs could not be an enrichment of the appearance of your home. ?

A group of robotics and programming enthusiasts.
For the domestic and industrial sectors.

The future and the Metaverse are coming

Imagine going home and meeting your friend. Thanks to meta-version recognition, an ordinary guy will be dressed exactly like his favorite character in an augmented reality AR world.

A quick swipe and wrist to block his attack...
Your ordinary boring household will be presented to you in all colors and moving options. Virtual NFT pictures that hang on the walls will spice up your arrival.
Feed your cute monster and in the living room you and your partner will be transported to worlds that exceed the limits of your imagination.
All this represents Metaverse, and we will create things for your smart world inside and outside of it. Everything at your fingertips, see, feel.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Business Partners




Countries World Wide

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